Program Basis


We welcome startups with the following profile:

  • Growth stage
  • International experience
  • Sales traction in the domestic market and at least 1 foreign country from following business lines:
    • Internet of things
    • Information of technology
    • Apps
    • Online payments
    • Games
    • Software
    • Unique products or technologies


  • China Pathfinder Accelerator Selection Committee will proceed with pre-selection process
  • Selection committee will contact to the pre-selected companies.
  • Once company is pre-selected.
    • We arrange a meeting with Project Managers whether  face to face or by video conference.
    • We inform in detail the Program Basis and contract general terms
    • China Pathfinder Accelerator Committee board confirms elegible candidates to begin the Program



China focused accelerator program has 3 main targets:

  • To sell and collect payment from your 3 first Chinese customers
  • Adjust and optimize your China Unique Selling Point
  • Validate
    1. Commercial strategy
    2. Feasible Plan
    3. Minimum viable product for Chinese market
  • Exposure to prospectives angels and venture capitalist


¿What do we offer?

Financial Resources

  • China-Seed Capital

Non-Financial Resources


  • Local Back Office
  • Local Address and office structure

(Shanghai & Hong-Kong)


  • Strategic Advisory
    • Benchmarking
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Unique Selling Point
    • Fundraising


  • Translations
  • Digital Agency services (SEO, SEM, etc)
  • Recruitment
  • Intellectual Property Advice

Legal, Tax & Profit Repatriation

  • Legal Advice
  • Incorporation
  • Tax and Profit Repatriation Calendar


In exchange, we request:

7.5 % equity out of the future Chinese subsidiary



Program is divided in 4 checkpoints.

All startups participate in the program will have the right to:

  • Office structure and  address in Shanghai business downtown whether in Financial center or downtown
  • Access to a Mentor portfolio
  • Advance China supervision

1st Stage checkpoints:

Explore Market

Find out and pre-define:

  • Benchmarking Research
  • SWOT Research
  • Brand research
  • Pre-define your China Mission & Vision Statement
  • Pre-define Commercial plan
  • Pre-define basic market entry budgets (Translation, etc)


2nd Stage checkpoints:

Prepare Minimum Viable Product and contents for Chinese market

Define and Adjust:

  1. Minimum Viable Product & its Unique Selling point for Chinese market
  2. First commercial campaign
  3. Define and adjust sales approach, market segment, market niche
  4. Define and adjust and review branding strategy
  5. Define and adjust minimum viable contents for Web site, marketing material, etc.


3rd Stage checkpoints:

“Test the waters”


  1. Generate first sales leads & feed Sales funnel
  2. Initiate conversations with customer/distributors.
  3. Learn, experiment & validate customer’s experiences
  4. Learn from the experience; Learn-Measure-Adjust
  5. Pursuit and Trigger 3 first trial orders,
  6. Persevere or Pivot loop


4th Stage checkpoints:


Validate or pivot

  1. Follow up customer conversations
  2. Close first trial orders
  3. Validate China Business Growth Plan Canvas
  4. Commercial strategy and key performance indicators
  5. Funnel sales lead weight
  6. Profit repatriation and due diligences strategy


5th Last Stage checkpoints:

Pursuit Victory

Persevere or Pivot

  1. Key Performance Indicators validation
  2. China feasible Plan
  3. China Roadmap Action Plan validation
  4. China Growth Venture Capital strategy



Participants of the program will be offered the following services with preferential discounts


Incorporation services, Benefits repatriation

Advance Communication
Chinese Speech Etiquette


Chinese language class online.


Web services / Digital agency


Translation Services

Robert Half

Recruitment services



We aim to support and accelerate your venture in China with seed capital

Unlike other Accelerator Programs dedicated to domestic markets, China Pathfinder Accelerator, as an international accelerator program, won’t carry any investment at the beginning of the Program.

Once feasible plan and China Roadmap have been validated by the committee and in fully compliance with investment criteria candidates will be introduced to our investor portfolio.

Demo day could be develop in one single day, on 1 to 1 basis by videoconference or collectively in Shanghai. In that case, at least 1 of the co-founders presence will result necessary during the Demo Day

All participants should sign up an agreement, which has to agreed and sign up by all partners and / or co-founders. Agreement will observe the following aspects:

  • China Pathfinder Accelerator has the right to invest up to 100,000 USD or reach up to 10% of the stakes of the new subsidiary of the Startup, whether by convertible notes or SAFE Agreement
  • China Pathfinder Accelerator will only accept companies are in fully compliance with the legal obligations in their own origin countries.